Fine Art Photography on Etsy

Although most of what I sell at Augenblickphoto is photo decor like my photo wood blocks and popular photo stones, in my heart it is still a shop for fine art photography.  That being said, there is also a lot of great fine art photography on etsy that I admire.  Here are some of my personal highlights.

There is something so wonderfully dream-like about photographer Erin Tyner‘s created miniature worlds.  What could easily go in the direction of kitsch (i.e. photographing dioramas) is poetic and intimate, sometimes even mysteriously heartbreaking.

I really love the composition of this photograph by Jillian Audrey.  I spent most of my childhood in Tucson, so seeing it here is like experiencing a paradise lost.

Lucy Snowe is one of the most successful photographers on etsy and, with this photograph, you can see why.  I love all of her work of mid-century homes.

The shop Pocket Memories has some gorgeous and strangely vulnerable female nudes made with a polaroid camera.


‘Fine Art Photography’ by Augenblickphoto

Rosita- Fine Art Photog…


Then Summer Fine Art Ph…


Yellow – 6×8 photograph


8×10 Desert Mailboxes M…


Fine Art Photography Mi…


Highland Cattle 7 – 7×5…


Amish Kitchen Door


Black and White Photogr…


Polaroid fine art nude …


Branched – 8×10 photogr…


photograph metallic 5×7…


Outskirts – 8×10 photog…


Praying Mantis Photogra…


Dear Darkness- 12X12 fi…


Two Owls (Human Nature)


Diving Board – 8×10 Ret…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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