The Secret Room

I used to have this re-occuring dream that I would find an extra room in my house, often rough and unfinished, that I had never seen before.  Amazingly enough, I discovered just such a room in my apartment house earlier this week.

I went upstairs to pick up a package from the neighbors on the top floor and realized that the stairs went up further from there.  Two doors were at the top.  I knew what I would find behind them.

A Dachspeicher, a sort of unfinished attic room that a lot of (but not all) buildings in Berlin have though you don’t always have access.  The doors to this one were unlocked and various boxes from various neighbors were stored there.

Needless to say, the light coming through the small skylights onto the unfinished gray walls was amazing.  I will definitely do something with images there that will later be presented in Augenblickphoto so stay tuned.  I just hope I don’t find too many more mummified pigeons like the one I found today.  Gross!


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