Mama, what’s this thing here?

IMG_2056These earrings that I just posted at Augenblick Photo reminded me of a funny experience I had recently that reminded me I’m, well, getting old.


I took my daughters to the Kommunikation Musuem a couple of weeks ago.  If you are ever in Berlin I highly suggest this museum by the way, especially if you are traveling with children.  The museum is dedicated to communication in its many forms and has very innovative displays and even talking robots.  Since it is also in an absolutely gorgeous old building and only costs 4 Euros (!) to get in with kids under 6 free, there is simply no reason to stay away.


My five year old daughter Mia loved a display with old rotary phones that ring at random but at first she was confused by what in the world they could be.  “Mama, what’s that thing there?” she asked and hardly believed me when I said it was a telephone.  I still remember the old yellow rotary phone we had when I was a kid.  We even had a party line.  My sister and I loved to annoy the old ladies on there by butting in on their conversations.  My, how times have changed!



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