Muenchen Mag Dich

MunichFor many years, I hated Los Angeles for absolutely no reason at all really…..

IsarstrandOk, so in my mind I did have a reason. I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it was my duty to hate L.A.

Munich ResidenceEveryone in L.A. is so superficial, so addicted to their cars in such an extreme way, we said. Even though they might not know it…

Munich income divide…we knew we were better than them in every way and always would be…..

Munich DowntownA few years ago, when I had already been living in Berlin for quite some time, I went with my then-boyfriend on a short trip….

Munich Deutsches Museum…to L.A. to visit some of his relatives. Much to my surprise, I found myself really liking it.

Munich chicSome of my stereotypes may have been true I suppose, but there were also so many beautiful places….

Munich  pigeons….beautiful buildings, beautiful light. A softer, more relaxed feeling then I had imagined in my mind when I had only ever really….

Munich Marienplatz…been to Disneyland. The way I felt about L.A. is how most Berliners feel about Munich.

Munich schicki mickiEveryone in Munich is so schicki micki, they say. So slick, so image-driven, so consumed with greed for Geld.

Munich Schicki MickiSince I had never really been to Munich (only one short day years ago) I more or less believed all the dissing I’ve heard.

High Price MunichBut I was just there for five days (where I took all of these pictures) and, I’ll be damned, I found myself liking it. Some of the rumors were true of course….

MunichA lot of people were dressed to the hilt and I have never seen so many fancy cars waxed to the gills in all my life.


But most people, including the legions of hipsters, dress like slobs in Berlin and I’m tired of it. Vanity may be a cardinal sin,….

IMG_4022…but it is certainly among the lesser of them. I enjoyed seeing well-dressed people wearing colors (everyone is so drab in Berlin)

IMG_4110Although people in Munich may be hochnassig (snobby) like they say in Berlin, they still treated me with common decency….

IMG_4111…and politeness on the street. Unlike Berlin, where people often yell at strangers for minor reasons in such a way that could get you hurt…

IMG_4063…or possibly even killed in many other parts of the world. And yes, Munich might be more expensive, but sometimes I think….

Surfer in Englisher Garten….Berlin’s (still) cheapness is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Yes, it is an exciting, incredibly affordable city but it’s also so easy…

IMG_4097…to get lost, to loose focus. I know so many arty people who came to Berlin so they could live their art, working odd jobs to….

IMG_4043…get by which is sexy at 25, getting old at 35, embarrassing  at 45 and downright depressing at 55.

IMG_4118Maybe Berlin is still more exciting, in both good and bad ways, but Munich mag dich. Better weather, better food, a Hauch of Mediterranean flair. Conservative yes, but so many gorgeous old buildings and that adorable Bavarian accent (so much better than Berlinerisch, ey….) Am I going crazy, or is it, in a lot of ways, the better place to live?


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