Inspired by Ombre

One of the great things about selling both online and at a brick and mortar store is that different items sell well in different places.  At Augenblickphoto my photo stones are most definitely the biggest seller with my photo wood blocks a close second.  For some reason they don’t sell nearly as well in Mitten Im Walde whereas my jewelry, which barely sells on etsy, does very well there.  Having two venues keeps me busy with all sorts of ideas for both.  I love this new statement necklace I made this week.  I’m not usually one for trends, but I do love the ombre look that has been all the rage for some time now.  I plan to make similar necklaces in different colors.  Fun, fun!  🙂


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In the Middle of the Woods

I recently took photographs of the little shop collective I’m part of, Mitten im Walde.  Since our shop is in a basement shop most of the photographs turned out a bit too dark, but they should at least give you a feel for what the shop looks like.  We have handmade hats, upcycled furniture, various decor, baby accessories and jewelry.  Truly an unsual mix that still somehow works.  We want to change our location to a somewhat busier street and also get out of the basement (a lot of people seem to timid to enter which is not good when you’re trying to run a business!)  Either way, I’ll keep you posted.:)


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August 31, 2012 · 8:59 am

Magical Creatures


Besides my creative endeavors at Augenblickphoto I am also a mom to two magical creatures.  They go to pre-school during the day but my later afternoons are filled with trips to the moon and somewhere over the rainbow.


It’s important to me that these girls look back someday on their childhood with wonder.  We spend a lot of time at museums here in Berlin like the Naturkunde Museum and Das Technikmuseum not to mention the Aquarium and Zoo where they recently had their faces painted.


They both waited for nearly a half an hour until it was their turn on the chair and sat very still and quiet, eager to finally show the world what it is to be such a magical creature.


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No Sun and Yet it is Summer

It’s the first day of June and yet it is far from being summer or late spring in Berlin. An icy wind was blowing on and off all day and the sky was so dark as though a storm were on the horizon though it never did start raining. A native Californian, I was programmed for so long that summer is summer is summer. But in Berlin it is unfortunately an optional season…..I tried taking some photographs for some new photo earrings I want to post in Augenblickphoto, but there was just too little light. I did like the photograph I took above. There is L’Inconnue de la Seine, my muse, looking as mysterious as ever. Let’s just hope she’ll help the summer come.

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Canvas Me

A few weeks ago I finally made some handmade canvas prints of my work. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while but I was never quite sure how I wanted to do it.

A few months ago I found this great natural weave cotton at the Turkish Market here in Berlin. I didn’t have a plan for what to do with it, but I knew I had to have it when I saw it (craft stores, hardware stores and fabric markets can be a very dangerous thing for a natural-born experimenter like me…)

A few weeks ago I finally bought something I’ve wanted to play with for a long, long time: a stapler gun (being kept most definitely out of the hands of my children!) I decided to then staple the natural cotton onto canvas frames and add a photograph with a transfer and voile. The results can be seen in this post.

I only have two of the canvas pieces listed in Augenblick right now, but many more are still to come and to be made (especially with a triangular canvas I’m very excited about playing around with…) I have a big editing job to do over the next few weeks in my “real world” job so things might be slow in progressing, but definitely stay tuned.

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Mitten Im Walde


A couple of weeks ago I joined the shop collective (in German Ladenkollektiv) Mitten im Walde in Berlin-Kreuzberg.  Silke, the woman who is running the shop, wrote me a message at Augenblickphoto and asked if I would be interested in joining.  I’ve been thinking for a while that I would love to see what it’s like to work in a shop because selling online is pretty darn lonely and I may want to open my own later when my daughters are a bit older.  Plus the shop just happens to be about a two minute walk from where I live, so how could I say no?

There are twelve artists/designs/crafters in the shop altogether making everything from furniture, to pottery, to clothing to hats, to jewelry and to lamps.  We each pay a small monthly rent and have two days a month when we have to work in the shop.  I did my first “Ladendienst” (shop duty) today and, although it was pretty slow (we are on a side street in a basement shop, so it will take a while to get noticed) I really enjoyed it.  Several friends stopped by and I listened to the new blues and old school jazz mix on my Ipod.

If you’re in Berlin and looking for a nice handmade gift (we even have handwoven cashmere scarves!) or would just like to check out a unique new independent shop, please come on by:  Mitten Im Walde, Mittenwalderstrasse 46, Berlin-Kreuzberg (U-7 Gneisenaustrasse), Open from 1 to 8 Mon-Fri.  If you come on Thursday or Saturdays I just might be there, so feel free to say hi.  🙂

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New Photo Jewelry At Augenblick

I’ve offered photo jewelry in my shop Augenblickphoto for a while now, but I’ve never really expanded the section.

Part of the problem is the materials (mainly brass frames) are fairly expensive which made me a little more reluctant to experiment than I might have otherwise.

Also, the jewelry never got that much attention or sold well, though handmade jewelry, in general, is hard to market.

I recently found a new way to make jewelry that I’m very excited about.  I print my own photographs on white plastic and then seal the pieces with matte varnish.

The material is fairly lightweight but also thick enough to be substantial.  I’ve been enjoying mixing metals with the pieces, from raw copper to matte gun metal to antique brass.

I’ve been wearing a lot of the pieces myself and love the organic look of them and the feel.  Just like my photo stones, only a little better.

The photographs shown here are all pieces I plan to list in the next week or so, so please stay tuned.


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