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Berlin on a Rainy May Day



It’s late May, but it was freezing and rainy all day in Berlin today. To keep myself from going stir-crazy I went for a wallk with my camera….



Everything seemed so dirty, so neglected and forlorn….


This dog, peeking out of the window of a basement tattoo parlor no one ever seems to go into, is the saddest one I’ve ever seen.



One door down I found this Stolperstein in remembrance of a woman named Elsie who lived there until she was sent to her death in Theresienstadt….



But this little boy was having fun in the rain….



…while his mother made a phone call…



And I went on taking photographs, only a few of which I’ve posted here….




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In the Middle of the Woods

I recently took photographs of the little shop collective I’m part of, Mitten im Walde.  Since our shop is in a basement shop most of the photographs turned out a bit too dark, but they should at least give you a feel for what the shop looks like.  We have handmade hats, upcycled furniture, various decor, baby accessories and jewelry.  Truly an unsual mix that still somehow works.  We want to change our location to a somewhat busier street and also get out of the basement (a lot of people seem to timid to enter which is not good when you’re trying to run a business!)  Either way, I’ll keep you posted.:)


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August 31, 2012 · 8:59 am